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Adsense – is it worth it to earn on contextual advertising?

Adsense – is it worth it to earn on contextual advertising?
26-06-2017 0 624

The easiest way to make money on your blog or online portal is to enable automatically displayed Adsense context ads. By working with Google in such a simple way, you can start making money online.

What is Adsense and how much can I earn on it?

Adsense is a product that automatically shows ads on Google. On the Internet, we come across him at every step - both on professional websites and on amateur blogs. The peculiarity of Adsense is their contextuality, which means that on pages devoted to, for example, the fashion shows ads of shops with clothes, and on financial sites there will be advertising of bank deposits. In addition, thanks to cookies, advertising will follow us - if Google somewhere will notice that we are looking for a specific product on the network, for example, for a mobile phone, it will only show ads for new models.

How do I place Adsense ads on my site?

Adsense can be installed by almost every site owner. The program excludes pages that contain, for example, pornography or gambling. To start earning on Adsense, you must submit your site to the system, wait 2-3 days for approval from Google, and then place the code of the selected form of advertising on your site. The Adsense code can be inserted directly into the site code or on systems like WordPress, placed in appropriate widgets.

How much can you earn on Adsense?

Google pays not for impressions of advertising, but for clicks. If someone clicks on the ad on our site, then the system automatically charges the appropriate amount. CPCs are significantly different. The most expensive clicks in advertising financial products: funds, insurance, deposits. Then the publisher can expect even a few dollars per click. Pennies are paid for clicks in the company with their own Google ads.

It should be borne in mind that Google knows perfectly which clicks were natural and which are artificial. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to experiment and artificially collect them - threatens for this removal from the program and loss of earned money. You can not also place ads in such a way that the user does not understand that he clicks on the ad.

What determines the amount of earnings on Adsense?

From many factors: the number of visits to the site, impressions, subject matter of the site, placement of advertising. Few sites earn highly specialized topics, and popular pages, for example, financial topics can earn and several tens of thousands of dollars a month.

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