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Earnings on YouTube

Earnings on YouTube
20-03-2018 0 678

We need to understand that YouTube – this is a place where a sufficiently large percentage of competition, therefore, is one of the most important requirements for the channel's creator to be noticed by viewers – this is quality and original content.

To start with, you need to create a channel to start operations on Youtube.

That is, in our plan, the first item is – creating a channel.

This is quite simple, except that you need to know that when registering you need a Gmail email address. In general, it is possible to register on Youtube from the age of 14, but based on personal experience, this is not entirely true, because there are a lot of videos on Youtube from children aged 12 and under.

The second point is the design and description of the channel.

You need to tell the audience what, how and what you are about to shoot. The best video is for this, so people do not have to read, it's better capacious, quick, and most importantly it's interesting to tell about yourself and about what you plan to do on Youtube. This video is best placed on the main page of the channel, so it will be immediately in view of the viewer.

You can create a channel by creating a so-called « caps » channel. This is the top field in which you can put an image that might let you know what the channel is about. You can make it yourself, if you want an individuality, you can download from the Internet.

Let's go directly to creating a video, which is the third point of the plan.

You can start to shoot, in principle, and on the phone, but it's better for this camera, the best quality images are provided by SLR cameras, but for a good start, you can use a more budgetary soap box. It will also be good if the video will be exposed to light, it can be fixtures or if the budget allows spotlights with a diffuser.

The main thing that the video was interesting, not only to you, but also to other people, the footage and edited material can be shown to friends, acquaintances, hear their opinion, maybe even get some advice. If there are no ideas, then it is better to wait for the moment when they appear, and not to take off from the bald.

Well, without editing the video can not do either, because the viewer will be much more interesting if the video does not have "water", and the music in the background does not hurt, the main thing is that it is not intrusive.

The channel will gain popularity faster if it follows some trends, or it will have original content that was not previously present on YouTube.

Now on earnings – fourth paragraph.

When the channel is gaining popularity, views, subscribers, you can connect an affiliate program. The affiliate program pays you for viewing and for the likes, connecting it, the author agrees that in his video fragments of advertising will be inserted, for which the partner pays. There are many affiliate programs, they all pay in different ways and are connected from a different number of subscribers on the channel. When withdrawing funds from the office of the affiliate commission is charged, you need to take this into account. If the channel is untwisted, many people watch it, then it is possible to compile a price list, with prices for advertising for individuals or companies. For example, you can advertise the channel of another user, you can profit, and he has a new audience, a similar system with companies.

Summarizing, it can be said that everything depends on desire, thought and patience. It may not work for a long time, and then once and the video will suddenly become popular and people will recognize and maybe even subscribe to the channel. Dare.

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