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Services for exchanging links and unique articles

Services for exchanging links and unique articles
06-07-2017 0 1028

You have the idea of ​​earning money on your site, you have the idea of ​​earning money on several sites, you are aware that sites need to raise parameters and fill them with unique content, but as always there is a weighty BUT! Where can I get money for all this?

You need money for:

Running from the catalogs of articles

Buying places under articles

Writing these very articles

Buying links

Purchasing guards on blogs

First, I'll tell you how you can do without spending on some items from this list. At the moment there are several services that allow exchanging links and unique articles. I note this is not a cross-sharing, it's a competent system of exchange. The first resource that I recommend is http://www.xpub.ru this site for a free exchange of articles is very well proven. The second resource is http://mordaha.ru it is a free exchange of links and articles, after registration traffic to sites is increased by 15-20%. The third resource is http://free.miralinks.ru, to be honest, I did not have this site, I did not like the slow moderation and multiple errors when the system was running.

By registering on these resources, you will ensure the growth of the TIC to 100-120 and do not spend a cent on it.

Now I will tell you how to make a quick enough increase in puzomerok and filling content with enough money.

Here in this post I wrote about the resource gogetlinks (ref link). It's a quick way to earn money on your site, but how to start if you do not have anything at all, even some kind of zero-value database? In this case, you should start with copywriting, stock exchanges for copywriters are now a dime a dozen, I will not recommend any particular site. Analysis of such sites is difficult, because it takes a lot of time to collect data, which is expensive.

All the earned money should be spent on the development of at least 5 of their sites. At the so-called preparatory stage - the initial capital accumulation takes at least three months, get patient and in 6-8 months you can quit your hated work. Good luck!

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